The summer was dry, cool and consequence maturation during the growing season has been slow, important for the quality of grapes.

The harvest began the first week of September with the grape variety “SAUVIGNON BLANC”, production has been cut in kg. discussed above due to the, but a bumper crop is expected.

On 20 September vintage variety began “Verdejo” which was also slow maturation and sugar-acid balance was right to not have to make any correction.

Vintage nights have been cool with some sunrises over 11-13 C, Vintage mechanical and night was beginning to 04:00 hours until 08:00 AM.

Displaying expectations processing with quality wine grapes that went into the harvest promises so much so that fermentation is complete and beginning to stabilize see that the harvest 2014 it will be a bumper crop, since two months later we see that the wines are being structured and assembling perfectly.