The undisputed quality of the crop 2011 is being seen as endorsed on the results of the International Competitions, the opinion of the critics and sales growth.
The Plenary of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Rueda has ratified, for the first time in its history, rating the cosecha 2011 as excellent, after studying the report and findings of the Committee of tasting wines from harvest 2011 tasted since last November.
According to the report, "this year's crop 2011 was characterized by low rainfall compared to historical data, an early bud break with mild temperatures except from mid-August and throughout September with very high temperatures for this time. The advancement of sprouting, coupled with the lack of summer rains and heat of August led an advance of maturation so that the harvest is beginning the day 23 August, the earlier onset of the harvest in the DO. Wheel.
The wines have a great intensity presented in mouth, very persistent and a nose of average power, with graduations between 13 13.5 º and I are doing some long wine, intense, highly structured, with long memories feelings with green fruits that persist and fill the mouth of freshness. With a slow aging conditions exist graduation registered to extend the life of the wines, getting the characteristics of the variety they mature and rounded as time passes, getting wines that will be showing more intense, long and fresh. "

These comments are consistent with the valuation experts who Penin Guide, last day 10 April, could taste 163 wines from wineries trademarks registered in the DO. Wheel, type of wheel, Rueda Verdejo, Rueda Sauvignon Blanc, Rueda Verdejo Barrel Fermented, Sparkling Wheel, Sweet and Semidulce Wheel, Red and Pink Wheel verdict and also agreed that it was a bumper crop in the DO. Wheel and, differences in other areas, the quality of the wines was, almost assured in all tested bottles, so that the PDO provides a safety value on the quality of wines, finding today in the wine market with very superior qualities to other campaigns.
An example of this qualification are the numerous awards that the wines of the DO. Wheels are reaping in several international competitions. Recently, in the last edition of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, held from 4 to the 6 May, which were tasted total 8.397 wines, of 52 countries where Spain has managed to be the second country in terms of awards received, Best White Wine in the world corresponded to white wine "Vega de la Reina", Rueda Verdejo 2011 (Haciendas of Spain). Other wines that have earned the gold medal in this competition have been: 12 Linajes Verdejo 2011 (DO5 Hispanobodegas), Abadia San Quirce Verdejo 2011, Aura Verdejo 2011 (Domecq Wines Spain), Doña Beatriz Verdejo 2011 (Bodegas Cerrosol), Eylo Blanco 2011 (Bodegas Val de Vid), Montespina Verdejo 2011 (Avelino Vegas), Protos Verdejo (Bodegas Protos), Val de Vid Verdejo 2011 (Bodega Val de Vid), Verdeal Verdejo 2011 Yllera and Verdejo 2011 (Bodega Grupo Yllera).

Likewise for the National Finals of the Best Wines of Spain to be held on 2 and 3 June were selected two wines of the DO. Wheel: Finca Montepedroso Verdejo 20011 Pradorey and Verdejo 2011. While Competition ECOVINO organic wine held in Logroño, the award for best white wine went to the wine DO. Rueda "Antonio Sanz 2011" (Industrial sites).

In current sales dates D.O. Wheels are a positive development despite the drop in wine consumption, Wheel and D.O, with the 7,7% the total wine market in Spain has established itself as the second designation of origin in the Hospitality Industry, only behind the D.O. Ca Rioja.