Vicente Sanz, owner of the winery that bears the name, agreed to an interview with He received us in his office and include numerous diplomas hanging on their walls: it comes to awards granted during his career in recognition of their wines and their work.

The Sarmiento Prize was awarded to Vino Vicaral.

Marina Home: The wine is presented to contest or enter default to contest all wines from Rueda?

Vicente Sanz: No; the wine is. This contest is organized by the City of La Seca in collaboration with the Rueda. It communicates to the wineries that are within the DO, are a 50. The winery that wants to present a wine competition presents free. The contest consists of a blind tasting professionals do DO; winemakers working in the wineries.

M.C.: How did the idea of ​​presenting the contest came Verdejo?

V.S.: Okay…as logically as you are in this world and you feel that the work you are doing is in line with that of others, you submit to such tests.

M.C.: Is the first time you do it, both this and other?

V.S.: No, no. Look; just look at all this pointing out the diplomas-. I can tell you that every year we turned to 3 O 4 contests and all we get a trophy.

Besides the award obtained in this edition of Sarmiento Awards, How much Sanz achieved more awards throughout his career as a vintner as in the case of crop Verdejo Rueda Vicaral 2010. He was awarded the XVI National Wine Competition Award Mosque 2010 medal Golden Grand Mosque. He also received the silver medal in the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2011. In addition, He was awarded the silver medal at the International "CINVE 2011" Wine and Spirits Competition held in Seville.

M.C.: How many wines were presented at the contest?

V.S.: If I remember correctly, there were about 50 wines. They were presented with the same characteristics and in the same line as presented ours.

M.C: How long have you been making this wine?

V.S.: As we begin the harvest in September and we have put on the market in February. The production of white is short, It is a fast developing. It seeks to make wine as soon as possible.

M.C: Did he hopes to win this award?

V.S.: No; but we warned us to participate. It was the second time they called to tell us: ¿Going to come o no?'And we said good, we will take you. And so it was.

M.C.: What does it mean for you and for the winery 'Vicente' this award?

V.S.: Of course, This is always important. I see it from the point of view that is the recognition of the work and well done for many years by all. When something arises like these, a prize, Thank you. Not only from the winery but by all working. I consider compensation for your effort in this work.

M.C: What other wines made?

V.S.: Strong wine is the wine area which is the Verdejo but regardless of that, We also selected Red Barrel. We do very small productions and seeking added, as it relates to red, having more quality. There are years not because we think we produce does not meet the quality.


M.C.: What is the history of the winery? Tell us a little originate and how has it evolved

V.S.: The idea came from my father almost 50 years and. We were making wine but not benefiting from any denomination. In 91 we become part of the D. Or Rueda and were pioneers in developing what was the Earth Wines Association of Medina del Campo. Hence they arose red wines. Around 6 in 8 years with the new rules of the D.O. It became part of the Rueda. From now on, our goal was to plant grapes of good quality because we believe that to make great wines, you must have good grapes. So we did and continue planting until now the 45 hectares approximately. Next year we hope to plant more. Once we had a considerable amount of vineyards in a privileged area where you can grow grapes because from there, we engage more in the cellar. We have been adapting to the latest technologies and advances in winemaking there. We continue to maintain traditional methods but making it compatible with the new machinery.

M.C: How and where markets wines?

V.S.: Then we sell them especially, at the national level. We have some export, not much, but because we seek to enlarge the future is out there.

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