The idea came from my father almost 50 years old. We were making wine but not benefiting from any denomination. In 91 we become part of the D. Or Rueda and were pioneers to develop what was the Wine Association of the Land of Medina del Campo. Hence they arose red wines. Around 6 in 8 years with the new rules of the D.O. It became part of the Rueda. From now on, our goal was to plant grapes of good quality because we believe that to make great wines, you must have good grapes. So we did and continue planting until now the 45 hectares approximately. Next year we hope to plant more. Once we had a considerable amount of vineyards in a privileged area where you can grow grapes because from there, we engage more in the cellar. We have been adapting to the latest technologies and advances in winemaking there. We continue to maintain traditional methods but making it compatible with the new machinery.